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(With apologies to non-US members of the lists and to those on
multiple lists.)

Dr. Bob Coyne, Program Director for the Genes and Genome 
Program at NSF has been kind enough to alert me on behalf of
protistologists that there is currently an open solicitation for
proposals for the sequencing (complete, partial or EST sample) of
microbial genomes. (

As a Tetrahymena biologist he couldn't help but notice that with only
one exception, all the letters of intent were for prokaryotes, fungi
or viruses.  Time is short (the deadline for full applications is
April 17), but hopefully we can quickly alert the protistan community
and there will be increased interest.  If someone has the interest and
a plan partly developed, it may be possible to put together an
application (just five pages).  In any case, there will presumably be
another Program Announcement around this time next year.  We 
encourage more interest from the protozoology community.

Many thanks to Bob for this alert!

Note: I will post this on the protozoan and phycology list and to
other individuals I know with interest.  Please disseminate this as
widely as possible.

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