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Tue Jan 7 09:04:15 EST 2003

PhD position in aquatic ecology and plastid evolution in
dinoflagellates at the University of Kalmar, Sweden.

 The position will be open until a suitable candidate has been

The dinoflagellate Dinophysis norvegica is the dominating
dinoflagellate in the Baltic Sea during summer and is capable of 
phagocytosis and photosynthesis. The project is focused on the
genetics and activity of the plastids in D. norvetgica. The genetics
of the plastids and their activity will be examined using molecular
biology methods. The project also includes tropical dinoflagellates
that have conquered new plastids or contain symbiotic cyanobacteria.

Applicants should have a Bachelors degree and special merits are given
for microbial ecology-, plant-, biochemical or molecular biological

Applications must contain a short description about you and your
interests, CV, name and address of two reference persons, a copy of
the thesis and reprints if available. Application and questions should
be addressed to Sven Janson, Department of Biology and Environmental
Science, University of Kalmar, Barlastgatan 1, S-391 82 Kalmar,
Sweden. Email: sven.janson at Tel: +46 480 447310. Internet: and

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