5th International Symposium on Schistosomiasis

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=09The 5th International Symposium on Schistosomiasis is scheduled to be he=
ld in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, October 10 through 13.
=09Schistosomiasis still is an important public health problem in several p=
arts of the world, including Brazil. The Symposium is a forum aimed at cong=
regating scientsts from Brazil and abroad who are interested in the more di=
verse aspects of  Schistosomiasi
s, such as epidemiology, treatment, control measures, and of course basic a=
nd applied research.
 =09Previous symposia have been very successful. The first one was held in=
Rio de Janeiro (1987), the second in Belo Horizonte, MG (1989), the third i=
n Recife, PE (1991), the fourth was once more in the city of Rio de Janeiro=
 (1993), and now comes the turn o
f Salvador, Bahia. The symposia are sponsored by Funda=E7=E3o Oswaldo Cruz =
( Ministry of Health). The program of the coming meeting will include Round=
 Table discussions, Conferences, presentation of free papers and posters.
=09Salvador is a city of two million people, located at seaside. For two hu=
ndred years it was the first capital of Brazil. Its charm as a historic pla=
ce full of tradition has attracted tourists from everywhere.
=09If you are interested in Schistosomiasis, you are cordially invited to j=
oin us next October in Bahia, Brazil. If you have any questions, please con=
tact us:
=09Mail : =09=09Dr.Mitermayer Galv=E3o dos Reis
=09=09=09Centro de Pesquisas Gon=E7alo Moniz
=09=09=09Rua Waldemar Falc=E3o, 121
=09=09=0940950-001 Salvador Ba - Brazil

=09FAX :=09=0955.71.359-4292

=09E-Mail:=09fiocruz at ufba.br

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