TDR Strategic Research: Call for Proposals

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Dear Schisto researcher,

Dr Robert Bergquist (WHO, TDR) has requested me to announce the attached 
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Subject: TDR Strategic Research: Call for Proposals


TDR's Steering Committee on Strategic Research, which focuses on
genome mapping, pathogenesis and molecular entomology, will examine
research proposals when it meets 25-28 September 1995.  In doing so, it
will give priority to proposed research that involves scientists from
developing countries or that provides opportunities for training.  Grants
would be for two years.  Applicants are encouraged to exercise restraint in
preparing their budgets.  The typical grant should not exceed US$40,000;
many of last year's grants were for much less than that.

      Applications are required by 25 July 1995.  This is a firm deadline
and no application can be accepted after this date.

Genome mapping

      Research is needed on the development of low-resolution maps (1,000
units); new, cost-effective mapping technologies, universally accessible
data bases and data management programmes, regarding preselected Brugia
malayi, Schistosoma mansoni, S. japonicum, Leishmania infantum, L. major L.
puruviana, Trypanosoma brucei or T. cruzi.


      Applications on Malaria, Schistosomiasis, Filariasis including
onchocerciasis, Leishmaniasis and the Trypanosomiases (African sleeping
sickness and Chagas' disease), are invited.  Specific areas of interest are
mechanisms of protective immunity and pathology (cytokine interplay);
pathogenicity in relation to parasite and human genetic diversity;
virulence factors of parasites and vectors; animal models using mice
reconstructed with human cells or genes; development of transformation
systems; genetically reconstructed parasites for drug and vaccine

Molecular Entomology 

      Research is needed on genetic and physical mapping of the Anopheles
gambiae genome; development of transformation systems based on transposable
elements and other genetic transformation systems for use in A. gambiae;
population structure and gene flow of A. gambiae in the field; genetic and
physio-ethological (ie. behavioural) factors involved in host-vector and
vector-parasite interactions.

General information

      For further information on genome mapping and molecular entomology
contact: Dr Boris Dobrokhotov, Manager, Molecular Entomology Committee,
TDR, World Health Organization, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland. (Tel:
41.22/791.38.16; fax: 41.22/791.48.54; E-mail: <dobrokhotov at who.ch>).

      For further information on pathogenesis contact: Dr Robert Bergquist,
Manager, Pathogenesis Committee, TDR, World Health Organization, 1211
Geneva 27, Switzerland. (Tel: 41.22/791.38.64; fax: 41.22/791.48.54; E-mail
bergquist at who.ch>).

      To obtain application forms or further general information contact
the TDR Communications Unit (Tel: 41.22/791.37.25 or 791.47.27, fax:
791.48.54.) E-mail: TDRNEWS at WHO.CH

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