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In mid September, WHO and NCBI are co-sponsoring a discussion meeting on 
data management for the WHO parasite genome projects (Brugia malayi, 
Trypanosoma brucei and cruzi, Schistosoma mansoni/japonicum, Leishmania 
major and donovani).

The meeting will bring together representatives from the various projects 
to discuss current activities and data management strategies within the 
projects and to evaluate the tools and resources available.

The Meeting Agenda is as follows:
Session 1: Introductions to the individual projects
Session 2: NCBI activities and services
Session 3: NCBI demonstrations
Session 4: Database tools
Session 5: AceDB tutorial
Session 6: Data aquisition/parsing/storage and new tools
Session 7: Genus specific sub-workgruops
Session 8: Funding and other labs

The Schisto genome project is being represented by Gloria Franco 
(Federal University of Minas Gerias, Belo Horizonte, Brazil) with Win 
deGrave (Fiocruz, Rio de Janerio, Brazil) and Dave Johnston (Natural 
History Museum, London) also attending.

If you are interested in Schisto genes and/or genome, and there are any 
issues you would like us to raise at the above meeting, or you have 
information you would like us to pass on, please contact us. Similarly, we 
would like to know about the data aquisition and management systems and 
facilities you are using (manual sequencing/ALF/ABI373,377/LiCor/MD, Mac/
Pc, software packages, degree of internet access (eMail, telnet, FTP, WWW, 
from PC/Mac or via dumb terminal), internet services used etc).

Thank you, in advance

Gloria Franco (gfranco at oraculo.lcc.ufmg.br)
Win deGrave (wdegrave at gene.dbbm.fiocruz.br)
David Johnston (daj at nhm.ac.uk)
David A Johnston
Research Fellow, Experimental Taxonomy Unit, Dept. of Zoology,
The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD.

tel: 0171 9389297
fax: 0171 9388754
eMail daj at nhm.ac.uk

Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, LONDON, SW7 5BD.
Tel: +44 (0) 71 938 9123.

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