Mikael Quednau Mikael.Quednau at livsteki.lth.se
Thu Apr 18 08:53:33 EST 1996

Jan Czekajewski Ph.D. <75144.2413 at CompuServe.COM> wrote:
>We at Columbus Instruments developed RESPIROMETER that can be 
>used to assess the oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide 
>production starting from bacteria to animals and even in humans. 
>The RESPIROMETER is being used by several researchers to 
>determine the quality of meat through measuring the oxygen 
>consumption and carbon dioxide production. If there is any 
>bacterial contamination, it can be assessed from the results of 
>oxygen consumption. For this reason, we belive that our 
>RESPIROMETER can be used in detecting the contaminated beef and 
>probably to diagnose whether the cow is infected with mad cow 
>disease or not. If you need further information about our 
>RESPIROMETER and its application, please send e-mail or fax to 
>the following address.
>Internet: 75144.2413 at Compuserve.com
>Fax: 614-276-0529.

If this is the usual amount of scientific know-how Columbus Instruments 
put into the development and marketing of their products, I strongly 
advice anyone interested in scietific instrumentation to look for 
another manifacturer...
Besides, aren´t there other channels more suitable for advertizing, than 
an Internet newsgroup?

Mikael Quednau
Ph D student
laboratory of Food Hygiene
Department of Food Technology
Chemical Center
Lund University

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