claire dechon medusa at erols.com
Fri Apr 26 23:44:24 EST 1996

Hello all...I have seen this newsgroup and each time has peaked my
interest but unfortunately see little flow here.  I have recently read
a book by Hulda Clark..A Cure For All Diseases.....wherein she places
blame on many infirmaties and ill states on the presence of
schistomas..whether it be from birds, dogs, cats etc. The question
is..are the schistomas an organism that thrives in an oxygen
environment? she has alledgedly dealt with this infestations with
electrical currents but as she points out these currents used at the
level they are will go around most of the body's organs and thus will
not affects those within these organs, bladder, heart, intestines etc.
what is the current mainstream mode of treatment?

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