CBandawe CBandawe at unima.wn.apc.org
Mon Dec 9 15:40:31 EST 1996

I write to express my surprise at the comments on the schisto list. Having just
recently subscribed, the Christmas issue and following comments came as quite a
surprise to say the least. I looked forward to stimulating and interesting
schisto related issues on this list rather than the surprising at times crude
comments made.  Is this the norm or just a passing phase because the news is
rather "dry" at present?

Meanwhile I look forward to sharing with you all about the work on Schisto in
Malawi. We have embarked on an exciting new project that seeks to deal with some
of the issues surrounding behavioural change . Schisto has sadly affected our
tourism industry as several people are led to believe that there is schisto in
lake Malawi.

Best wishes to you all


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