Irish 1st Hons. Parasitology Grad. and Masters Student for Ph.D.

S.A.Ryan BIP560 at news.salford.ac.uk
Wed Dec 18 16:17:05 EST 1996

I am a graduate of zoology from Trinity College Dublin with a first
class hons degree and a specialisation in Parasitology and currently 
undertaking a masters program in Molecular Parasitolgy and Vector 
Biology and am now looking for a suitable Ph.D. subject involving the 
epidemiology/pathology of a parasite(s) of medical/veterinary 
importance. If anybody has a place for a Ph.D. student or knows of 
someone who has, I would appreciate an e-mail to

   S.A.Ryan at BioSci.salford.ac.uk 

 thanks..Sean Ryan

ps replies from Australia/Europe especially welcome.

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