Bird Schistosoma problem

Dr. Christoph Grevelding greveld at rz.uni-duesseldorf.de
Thu Jun 20 03:16:05 EST 1996

James Mahaffy wrote:

> Folks,
> Apologies if this is too practical a question, but I would like
> to help my town lick a problem with Schistosoma.   We have a
> small (1.3 million gallons) 2 « acres 19 foot deep swimming hole
> (old sand quarry) here in North West Iowa.  This year, for the
> first time, about 10 kids have come down with classic symptoms of
> swimmers itch. Although this is a very small percentage of the
> swimmers, I would appreciate suggestions on some ways to solve
> the problem and let campers let their kids swim.  There were a
> few more waterfowl (mallards and a few Canadian Geese) than
> normal that visited earlier in the Spring.  There are no water
> fowl resident right now.  
> Is there a way to cut down on the snail carriers? How far do the
> cercaria swim?  I suggested removing algae from the sandy area. 
> Will copper sulphate solve the problem?  I suspect being sure to
> shower and towel afterwards helps but that does not solve the
> problem.  
> Appreciate any feedback. 
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Dear James,
  there is no reason to apologize concerning your question. This kind of 
questions was one of the reasons for us to establish this newsgroup and I would 
appreciate if more members of this newsgroup would participate in this way. 
   Recently, Ken Mott from the WHO has send a message to this newsgroup 
concerning a new WEB PAGE that has been installed on cercarial dermatitis at:
http://www.aquatica.com at which he wrote a section concerning your problem. I 
cannot remember details of this page but perhaps it could be of interest to you.




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