WHO Schisto Genome Network- call for participants in 1997 Meeting

david johnston daj at nhm.ac.uk
Tue Jan 7 07:38:16 EST 1997

Dear Schistosome Researchers,

a Happy New Year to everyone.

This message is to announce that WHO has asked me to arrange a meeting of
the Schistosome Genome Network for late spring/early summer 1997, i.e. to
be held before the deadline for applications to the next funding round
(Late June/July time).

As I am sure you are aware, we  are now into the third year of funding for
the initiative and the original set of grants funded at the start of the
Initiative  are due to finish at the end of 1997. This makes the
forthcoming meeting especially important in terms of discussing the
priorities and strategies to be adopted for the next few years of the

WHO have provided a sum of money to sponsor our Meeting and obviously we
want to bring as many of the current PIs and new, interested groups
together as possible with the available funds.  I am therefore writing to
you to try to determine the optimal time and location for the meeting. At
Ouro Preto last year, it was suggested that we could hold a joint meeting
with the Filarial Network. They are likely to be holding their Meeting at
Woods Hole, immediately before or after the Parasite Immunology Meeting
(late April). Do we wish to try to join up with them or would another
time/venue be more convenient?

If you are interested in participating in the Genome Network Meeting,
please could you contact me as soon as possible and let me know (1)  if you
have any preferences with respect to the timing and location of the
Meeting, (2) if you have any strong opinion on whether a joint meeting with
the Filarial Network should be held, and (3) if you were already planning
to attend the Woods Hole Parasite Immunology Meeting.

With very best wishes for successful collaboration and significant progress
in 1997.

David Johnston.

Secretary to the WHO Schistosome Genome Network.

David A. Johnston,
Secretary to the WHO Schistosoma Genome Network,
Biomedical Parasitology Division,
Dept. of Zoology,
The Natural History Museum,
Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, England, UK.
Tel: 0171 9389297 (from outside the UK: 44 171 9389297)
Fax: 0171 9388754 (from outside the UK: 44 171 9388754)
eMail daj at nhm.ac.uk

The  Biomedical Parasitology Division is a WHO Collaborating Centre for the
identification of schistosomes and their snail hosts.

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