URGENT REPLY REQUIRED Schistosoma Genome Network Meeting 1997

david johnston daj at nhm.ac.uk
Fri Jan 31 02:58:52 EST 1997

> Dear Collegues,
> Regarding the timing of the 1997 WHO Schistosoma Genome Network Meeting, if
> we are going to hold a joint meeting with the Filarial Network, the
> date/venue options are:
> Venue: Smith College, Boston or Woods Hole
> Dates: 3 days between 2nd to 6th April.
> Please note that, due to the Filariasis Network Meeting having to be held
> alongside the large Oncho meeting at Woods Hole, this is a few weeks
> earlier than we had previously anticipated.
> This only gives us 2 months to organise things so would all interested
> groups PLEASE REPLY TO ME IMMEDIATELY to say whether these dates are
> possible or not, so that we can decide whether a joint meeting is possible.
> Thank you in advance,
> David Johnston.
> David A. Johnston,
> Secretary to the WHO Schistosoma Genome Network,
> Biomedical Parasitology Division,
> Dept. of Zoology,
> The Natural History Museum,
> Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, England, UK.
> Tel: 0171 9389297 (from outside the UK: 44 171 9389297)
> Fax: 0171 9388754 (from outside the UK: 44 171 9388754)
> eMail daj at nhm.ac.uk
> The  Biomedical Parasitology Division is a WHO Collaborating Centre for the
> identification of schistosomes and their snail hosts.

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