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Mon Jun 16 02:30:57 EST 1997

Moderator's note:
I visited this web site. They seem to have pulled together a lot of
scientific web resources and organized them in a useful fashion. Beyond other 
things, there is a good collection of parasitology related resources. It
can be visited for free, therefore I am allowing this post, even though it
has a commercial flavor. 

 Dear Colleagues,
 We invite you to attend an opening in your honor at:
 This unique Web site has been created for scientists and engineers by
 scientists who know your needs.  Just three clicks will get you
 http://www.scicentral.com includes only the most valuable directories on
 the Web. They currently constitute a gateway to over 50,000 scientific
 sites pertaining to over 120 specialties in science and engineering
 ranging from health, biological, earth, physical, and engineering
 sciences, to government and institutional listings, and including the
 Commerce Business Daily and Medline--all free.
 We envision http://www.scicentral.com as the science and engineering hub
 of the World Wide Web, a place for professionals to gather and discuss
 the complex issues facing us all as we approach the 21st century.  This
 is where you can make your opinions known. We plan editorials, chat
 rooms, news.  We will continue to be responsive to your suggestions.
 Please visit http://www.scicentral.com often and bring your colleagues.
 Ellen S. Uffen, Ph.D.
 President, SciLink, Inc.
 Guy Orgambide, Ph.D.
 Chief Executive Officer
 SciLink, Inc.
 Robert L. Uffen, Ph.D
 Professor Emeritus
 Michigan State University

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