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With this e-mail I send a sad message, forwarded for Peter Trigg from the WHO.
(The moderator)

         Ken Mott passed away on 14 June 1997 in Washington DC, aged 58,
         after a long illness that he faced with courage and fortitude
         until the end.
         Ken was a graduate of Purdue University who later obtained
         medical degrees from Cornell University Medical School and the
         Federal University of Bahia in Brazil and a Masters in Tropical
         Medicine from Harvard School of Tropical Medicine.  He joined
         WHO as Secretary of the Steering Committee for Schistosomiasis
         in TDR in October 1977 and was appointed Chief of the
         Schistosomiasis Unit in the Parasitic Diseases Programme (now
         the Division of Control of Tropical Diseases) in 1982 at the
         then early age of 43.
         Ken was a rare calibre of man.  He is remembered and respected
         throughout the world for his expertise and tireless efforts not
         only in the field of schistosomiasis but also in chemotherapy of
         parasitic diseases in general.  His efforts in the evaluation of
         praziquantel and the negotiations that led to the widespread use
         of this drug have had a major impact on schistosomiasis control.
         He was honest and kind and a great friend and valuable colleague
         to all those throughout the world who were lucky enough to know
         and work with him.  His contribution to the development of
         tropical diseases control was immense, being built on his deep
         understanding and feeling for the needs of the people and
         countries afflicted with these diseases. He will be particularly
         remembered by the host of young people who have now entered the
         field of tropical medicine as a result of the time and care he
         to instil in them his own enthusiasm and belief that tropical
         diseases could be controlled and even eradicated.  There is no
         greater epitaph than being remembered for our help to others.
         He is survived by his wife, Ingrid, whose strength and courage
         helped so much.

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