The Schistosoma genome database, release announcement

Martin Martin
Fri May 9 06:30:22 EST 1997

Release 1 of SchistoDB contains the following :-

All Schisto DNA sequences from GenBank/EMBL (viewable as a special graphic

BLASTN/BLASTX analysis of all of these sequences (viewable as a special
graphic display showing alignment of matches and degree of homology)

Cluster analysis of all schisto sequences on GenBank

All Schisto references in the molecular biology subset of Medline

Address details etc. of all Schistosoma Genome Network members and
participating laboratories

In order to download SchistoDB, use anonymous ftp to access the following
site :-


Once logged in, go to the directory :-


This directory contains a file README.SchistoDB which contains details of
how to download and install both the Acedb software needed to run
SchistoDB and also the SchistoDB data itself. 

Please e-mail me should you have any problems either with the software or
the data or if you have any parasite genome informatics questions.

Best wishes,

Martin Aslett,
WHO Parasite Genome Database Co-ordinator,
European Bioinformatics Institute,
Hinxton, Cambridge,
<aslett at ebi.ac.uk>

Dr.Christoph G.Grevelding       Tel.:(49)-211-81-13070
Genetic Parasitology            Fax :(49)-211-81-12333
Institute of Genetic                (49)-211-81-12279
Universitaetsstrasse 1                  
40225 Duesseldorf
+ e-mail: Christoph.Grevelding at uni-duesseldorf.de                      +
+ http://www.uni-duesseldorf.de/WWW/MathNat/Parasitologie/gen_para.htm +

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