Schisto in Aquariums?

Jay Hemdal jay.hemdal at toledozoo.org
Mon Feb 16 03:46:09 EST 1998

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   This afternoon, one of my aquarists was diving in an 8000 gallon tropical
 freshwater exhibit here when she felt something "pierce" her arm.  Looking
 down, she saw a "tadpole - like" organism about 2mm long (my estimate)
 trying to burrow into her skin.  She scraped it away (she thinks).  Could
 this have been a schistosome?  My entire staff has dived in that tank at
 one time or another - should everyone be tested?  Is there any way to
 qualitatively test a sample of water for schistosomes - e.g. filtering a
 volume of water and then looking under a microscope?
 Please Email me with any advice as I am not a member of this list.
 Thanks in advance,
 Jay Hemdal
 The Toledo Zoo Aquarium

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