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                 UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for
                 Research and Training in Tropical Diseases

               Programme Grant to Develop a Masters Course in
             Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics in Africa

TDR invites universities and teaching institutions in Africa to apply 
for a  Programme Grant to develop a Master of Science (MSc) degree 
course on clinical epidemiology and biostatistics applied to tropical 

TDR supports strategic, applied and operational research and capacity 
building programmes in the discovery and development of clinical and 
non-clinical interventions for the control of target tropical diseases: 
malaria, leishmaniasis, schistosomiasis, onchocerciasis and lymphatic 
filariasis, African and American trypanosomiasis, and leprosy. The 
development of scientifically sound protocols, rigorous implementation 
of projects in the field and adequate data analysis and reporting are 
essential requirements for a proper evaluation of new pharmaceutical 
products and control interventions.

The objective of the Programme Grant is to strengthen or promote the 
development of a MSc programme on epidemiology, clinical investigation 
and biostatistics which is focused on infectious and parasitic diseases 
and which offers training to African health professionals working in 
academic or public health institutions. The ultimate goal is to 
establish an academic training capacity of excellence focused on the 
public health problems of Africa.

Course Profile

The course should provide training in the design, implementation, 
monitoring  and evaluation of new individual- and population-based 
control measures directed to tropical diseases. It is expected to last 
one academic year and comprise classes, practical activities and a 
dissertation covering, but not restricted to, the following areas:

   * Epidemiology- basic epidemiology methods; health indicators; study
     design; measurements; surveillance systems; use of epidemiology in 
     primary health care units, hospitals and public health systems.

   * Biostatistics - basic statistics concepts; statistics applied to
     different epidemiological study designs; description and analysis 
     of epidemiological data.

   * Computing - training in common data management and statistical
     computer packages.

   * Clinical investigation - development of protocols for the
     evaluation of pharmaceutical products under good clinical practice 
     and protocols to evaluate new diagnostic methods.

The programme can be developed in an individual institution or on a 
partnership basis with other African institutions, and could involve 
collaborators from schools elsewhere with international prestige.

Grant Support

The Grant would cover an initial period of three years and be of not 
more  than US$50 000 per year. Support is intended to cover the costs of 
recruiting academic staff, updating laboratory or computing facilities, 
preparing teaching material, international travel for consultants and 
subscription to relevant scientific journals. The course must be 
operational after the first year of funding. At the end of the grant 
period, the MSc programme is expected to continue without TDR support.


Applicants for TDR Research Training Grants (RTGs) at MSc level will be 
recommended to attend the course. RTGs cover: travel to and from the 
university at the beginning and end of the course; academic tuition as 
established by the teaching institution; living expenses; a laptop 
computer; recommended books; and small funds towards completion of the 
dissertation. It is expected that a maximum of five RTGs a year will be 
approved for the newly established course.


Universities, medical schools, health science schools and academic 
institutions in Africa currently offering MSc courses, preferably in 
epidemiology or related disciplines.


Applications should be submitted with the following documentation:

  1. A letter from the authority responsible for approving academic
     programmes indicating their interest in developing such a course.

  2. A brief institution profile which includes structure, courses
     available, degrees offered, staff, grants received.

  3. Details of the proposed MSc programme.

  4. Available facilities and capabilities related to the proposed
     course (personnel, infrastructure, laboratories, field station, 
     funded research projects, library).

  5. Curriculum vitae of staff involved (or post descriptions of staff
     to be recruited).

  6. Plan for capacity building (staff development, recruitment,

  7. Timetable.

  8. Budget.

All applications MUST be received by 1 April 1998 at the following 

                     Dr. Farrokh Modabber, Coordinator
                     Research Capability Strengthening
                            UNDP/World Bank/WHO
   Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR)
                         World Health Organization,
                         1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland
                      Telephone: (41-22)791-3879/ 4727
                            Fax: (41-22)791-4854
                           e-mail: modabber at who.ch
                 Telegram: UNISANTE-GENEVA Telex: 415416 OMS

                                                     JB - TDR/TDM - 23Jan98

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