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Bruno Gryseels bgryseels at itg.be
Fri Jan 23 08:55:47 EST 1998

This is a forwarded message from Prof. Dr. Bruno Gryssels:  

 I would much appreciate if you could distribute the following 
 vacancies over the schistonet:
 1. Two permanent (senior) lecturer positions in Public Health
 2. Research assistants (4-6 year mandates) in Parasitology 
 (entomology); Clinical Sciences (particularly HIV/AIDS); Veterinary 
 Medicine and parasitology.
 3. One post-doctoral position (3 years) in Microbiology 
 More information, also on the institute in general, can be obtained 
 I would much appreciate your help and further suggestions. 
 Many thanks, and best regards
 Bruno Gryseels
 Prof. Dr. Bruno Gryseels
 Institute for Tropical Medicine
 Nationalestraat 155, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
 Fax. 32-3-2376731
 Tel. 32-3-2476200

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