TROY LLEWELLYN BRADSHAW tlb94 at aber.ac.uk
Thu Jun 18 04:37:59 EST 1998

 Dear Sir or Madam,
 			My name is Troy Ll. Bradshaw and I am an MSc student at the University
 of Wales, Aberystwyth. I am at present researching for my MSc dissertation
 and I was hoping you could spare a few minutes to complete the following
 questionnaire on world-wide parasite control programs. This subject covers
 the attempts to eradicate the main human parasitic diseases i.e.
 schistosomiasis, maleria and onchocerciasis. If you are unable to help then
 please discard this questionnaire.

 1. 	Do you know of any effects or consequences of the parasite control
 programs that were unexpected or not taken into account?
 2. 	Do you think that the control programs took into account all avaliable
 	(a) If YES then please goto:	Question 4
 	(b) If no then please goto:	Question 3
 3.	What factors do you think that the control programs failed to take into
 4. 	Do you think the control programs integrated different areas of
 research sufficiently?
 5.	Do you think that the consequences of the control programs were
 adequately dealt with at the time of planning?
 The last question is for those who have knowledge of either:
 	(a) Environmental Impact Assessment
 	(b) Social Impact Assessment
 	(c) Strategic Environmental Assessment
 	(d) Environmental Health Impact Assessment
 6. 	Do you think that any of the above would have been useful when
 designing the control programs in order to:
 	(a) Anticipate unforeseen events?
 	(b) Mitigate effects earlier?
 	(c) Integrate different areas of research?
 	Thank you very much for your time and consideration with this
 questionnaire. If you have any other comments you would like to make or if
 you require more details about the questionnaire or dissertation, then
 please feel free to contact me at:
 				tlb94 at aber.ac.uk
 	Thanking you again for your time,
 		Yours sincerely
 			Troy Ll. Bradshaw

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