Acid Activation Protocol for TGF-beta Detection

CC Queiroz ccq1 at
Fri Nov 27 04:12:15 EST 1998

Dear Friends,
I am currently trying to set up a protocol for circulating TGF-beta1
detection by using reagents from R&D Systems. I am aware that it is
necessary to perform an acid activation of the sera samples before
assaying, however, I could not find detailed protocol information about
this acidic treatment, even trough the R&D company itself. I would really
appreciate if someone could send me the detailed protocol for acid
activation of sera samples or inform some reference where I would be able
to get it.
In addition, if is this possible, since I am also aware that some
researchers do not acidify the samples prior assaying for TGF-beta, I
would like to know which assay is more accurate and why.
Thank you very much in advance,

Claudia Carvalho Queiroz
Visiting Graduate Student
Dep. of Biology, University of York,
Heslington, York Y01 5DD, UK
ccq1 at

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