S. mansoni DNA isolation from human stools

Jeff Bailey jab at po.cwru.edu
Thu Aug 12 03:18:08 EST 1999

Dear Schisto Researchers,

We are currently attempting to isolate S. mansoni egg DNA from human
stool samples through a two-step process of initial egg purification
followed by DNA extraction.  Unfortunately the eggs we do purify contain
contaminating fecal material and the DNA preparations show poor
amplification due to PCR inhibitors (as well as possibly degraded DNA).
I would appreciate any advice on how to better isolate the eggs or the

Thank you,


For the DNA preps, I have been using a Qiagen QIAamp kit to remove some
of the PCR inhibitors.
Although I have not directly done the egg isolations, I believe we use
several initial filter steps and then a sucrose gradient.

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