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The Fourth International Meeting on Molecular Epidemiology and
Evolutionary Genetics of Infectious Diseases, will be held at
Dakar, Senegal, June 21-24,1999.

The three objective of these meetings are:

First, to integrate epidemiologic, molecular biologic, and evolutionary
genetics approaches in areas of diagnosis, strain typing, species
identification, pathogenesis, antigenic variation, drug and vaccine
resistance, and host and vector specificity.

Second, to foster interactions between epidemiologists and laboratory
scientists working on parasites, yeast and fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Third, to provide health care providers, public health professionals,
policy makers, epidemiologists and laboratory scientists, and program managers
an opportunity to discuss the use of the genetic tools and methodologies
that are needed to meet the challenges of diagnosis and management of
emerging, re-emerging, and endemic infectious diseases.

 Submission of abstracts:

Abstracts should be about  250 words. Abstracts must be
received by March 31, 1999 and should be accompanied by the registration
fee Abstracts can be sent as an e-mail attachment or by diskette.

The proceedings of the meeting will be published  in the Journal of
Microbiological Methods.

Abstracts and  registration fees should be sent to

Michel Tibayrenc, Centre d'Etudes sur le Polymorphisme des
Microorganismes, IRD, BP 5045, 34032 Montpellier Cedex 1, France.
Phone 33 4 67 41 61 97
Fax 33 4 67 41 62 99
Email Michel.Tibayrenc at cepm.mpl.orstom.fr

 Further information  about the meeting can be obtained at the web site
for the event:


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