SchistoDB Release 2

Martin Aslett aslett at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Nov 26 03:28:36 EST 1999

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce release 2 of the Schistosoma Genome
Network database SchistoDB at the following address :-


The database uses the software AceDB which is freely available by ftp and
can be run on Unix (including Linux) and Windows95/NT machines.

The directory contains a file README.SchistoDB which contains full
details of how to download and install both the AceDB software and the
SchistoDB data.

It is recommended that users with release 1 of SchistoDB should empty
their current database of data (instructions for doing so are in the
README file above) and install the release 2 data from scratch (there is
no need to re-install the AceDB software, although it is recommended that
you should install the most recent version of AceDB for your machine).

It is anticipated that release 3 of SchistoDB will occur some time in
the early part of 2000.

Please e-mail me (aslett at ebi.ac.uk) or David Johnston (daj at nhm.ac.uk) with
any queries regarding SchistoDB.


Martin Aslett,
Parasite Genome Database Co-ordinator,


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