Schist.- mansoni/Strept.-bovis

DieterHeinrichM DieterHeinrichM at t-online.de
Thu Oct 14 07:39:12 EST 1999

Has anyone heard about correlation between Streptococcus bovis and
Schistosoma mansoni infection of the bowel ? Strept. bovis is known as
an inhabitant of the gastrointestinaltract, sometimes developing to
serious infections of blood, endocard, meningitis spondilitis. A typical
correlation is known to cancer of bowel and to strongiloides.

Patient showed history of intestine infection with schistosoma mansoni
some years ago and complains about ongoing unspecific problems. Ongoing
parasitic infection has been excluded by extensive serological

But certain values let still think about chronic infection: high
protein levels in serum and csf, high phagocytosis activity, high
relations of NK-lymphocites, high lymphocite relations etc.
Culture of wound swab from paining tonsil region did recently show high
concentrations of streptococcus bovis (var)- (Group D, nonenterococci)
C; tonsil had been extirpeted as well as package of lymphnodes from same

Is finding of Strept.-b. as mentioned above sign of normal flora or
is it more likely a sign of infection that could have found its onset
due to bowel infection in the past and that could eventually guide to
cardiac or neurologic affections?

Who can give additional advise?


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