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Mon Jan 24 09:32:22 EST 2000

Advanced course on immunology, vaccinology and biotechnology applied to
infectious diseases:

                13 September - 28 October 2000

     This course will be held at the WHO Immunology Research and
     Training Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland. It will be organized
     specifically for English-speaking candidates from developing
     countries, through a donation from the Government of Switzerland
     (Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Swiss Agency for
     Development and Cooperation).


     The course will be conducted in English. The first part will be
     devoted to the recent advances in the areas of basic immunology and
     molecular biology. Teaching modules will be structured to deal with
     the specific problems related to bacterial, parasitic and viral
     infections of public health importance. One module will be
     specifically devoted to the development of new vaccines and the
     testing of their efficacy. One module will be related to

     Practical sessions will be organized during which participants will
     perform techniques related to:

       1.the evaluation of the humoral and cellular immune response to
         infectious agents;
       2.identification of microorganisms in biological samples by
         nucleic acid hybridization.

     Extended Research Training

     There will be an opportunity for ONE or TWO participants to stay at
     the Centre (for a period of up to 4 months) after the course for
     further practical specialized training. It is mandatory that those
     interested in this possibility mention it in their initial
     application to their Government and explain in detail their
     motivation in the letter to Dr J. A. Louis.

     Who Can Apply?

     Candidates should fulfil the following requirements:

          have an excellent knowledge of English;
          university degree: doctorate of medicine, or MSc or PhD in
          microbiology or other biological sciences;
          be actively engaged in teaching, research or national public
          health services;
          be under 40 years of age.

     How to Apply

     Scientists interested in participating in the course should:

          apply to the health authority of their Government and complete
          a Fellowship Application Form (WHO52.1) which can be obtained
          from the Office of the WHO Representative;

          submit the completed form for approval to the Government, who
          will then forward the nominations to the WHO through the
          relevant WHO Regional Office. Only candidates nominated by
          their Governments and who can attend the entire course will be

          send details of their scientific work and explain their
          interest in the course in a letter sent directly to:

                    Dr J. A. Louis
                    Head, WHO Immunology Research and Training Centre
                    c/o UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for
                    Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR)
                    WHO, 20 Avenue Appia
                    CH-1211 Geneva 27

                    Fax: 41-22 791 4774
                    Email: <louisjae at who.ch>

          This letter, which is mandatory, should also indicate that an
          official application has been made through the appropriate
          Government channels.


     Selected candidates will be contacted in June 2000. They will
     receive air tickets (or other) for their travel to Switzerland and
     a fellowship allowance for the duration of the Course and, where
     applicable, for extended research training periods.

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