weight of schisto worm

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Dr. Celso:

I think you will find the S. mansoni weight data you seek in the following
article.  Good luck in your work.  If you need more information, it may be in
my thesis written at Johns Hopkins in 1969.  Sorry, can't help with the PCR

The mean weight of freeze dried, individually weighed male S. mansoni worms
taken from a mouse at 45-43 days post infection was 87.4 micrograms, for
females 26.4 micrograms.

 J Parasitol 1972 Jun;58(3):489-94 Related Articles, Books

Changes in dry weight and glycogen content as criteria for measuring the
postcercarial growth and development of Schistosoma mansoni.

Lennox RW, Schiller EL

PMID: 5042056, UI: 72230417

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