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              International Training Course on Bioinformatics
            (Computational Biology) Applied to Genomic Studies

        Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - FIOCRUZ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

                           May 21-June 15, 2001

              A workshop Sponsored by UNDP/World Bank/WHO
- Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, TDR
            and The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - FIOCRUZ, Brazil

                        Call for Applications

The International Training Course on Bioinformatics (Computational
Biology) Applied to Genomics is an initiative designed as part of the
activities of WHO/TDR in collaboration with NIAID sponsored Malaria
Research and Reference Reagent Resource Center, other sponsoring
and The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation- FIOCRUZ, Brazil.  The aim of this
initiative is to promote capability of endemic countries scientists to
apply cutting edge DNA technology to tropical diseases research. The
objective is to introduce the participants to basic information on the
application of genome information and the potential for development of
tools that can be applied in tropical diseases research. The
international four-week training course will focus on bioinformatics
(computational biology) concepts and proposal writing with specific
emphasis on the tropical diseases in TDR portfolio (Malaria,
Tuberculosis, Dengue, Leishmaniasis, Chagas' disease, African sleeping
sickness, leprosy, filariasis, onchocerciasis, and schistosomiasis).

The objective of the course is to establish a "train-the-trainer"
programme in a multidisciplinary and international networking framework
for bioinformatics/computational biology, applied to pathogen genome
research and development of new products. A group of 20 scientists will
participate in theoretical and practical courses on basic and medium
level bioinformatics applicable to pathogen genome research and prepare
for teaching similar courses in their home country, at the same time
promoting South-South and North-South interactions in computational
biology/bioinformatics and tropical diseases research.  Appropriate
training material will be prepared to assist in these courses, in the
form of powerpoint and www presentations, as well as a manual. Selected
candidates are expected to write a bioinformatics and applied genomics
related grant proposal during the training course and participate in
competetion for fellowship awards to foster a career in bioinformatics
to be organized by WHO/TDR.


Workshop Language: Instructions will be in ENGLISH.

The format of this FOUR WEEK training course will be three hours of
lectures in the morning and 5-6 hours of practical/hands-on training on
both NT and Unix workstations in the afternoon each day. In addition,
1-2 evenings and 2 Saturdays are also planned. The four-week
"train-the-trainer" training course will provide fundamentals of various
Bioinformatics tools and concepts, how to use these tools and proposal
preparation. Related topics to be dealt with during the training course

* Fundamentals in computing and networking
* Fundamentals in statistics
* Concepts in database development
* Identification of genes, functional motifs, and assigning functions to
the protein sequences
* Analysis of sequences of nucleic acids and proteins at both gene and
genomic level
* Analysis of gene expression data from Micro-arrays, Proteomics,
Metabolic pathways
* Prediction of secondary structures, Visualization of 3-D structures of
Nucleic acids and proteins
* How to develop a bioinformatics training workshop and center
* Case studies applying Bioinformatics tools to gain insight in drug
resistance, drug and vaccine design
* Scientific grant writing and grant proposal preparation

Faculty will include scientists from FIOCRUZ, Brazil; American Type
Culture Collection (ATCC), USA; National Center for Biotechnology
Information (NCBI), USA; University of Pennsylvania, USA; Naval Medical
Research Center (DOD/NMRC), USA; The Institute of Genomic Research
(TIGR), USA; Sanger Centre, UK; and other academic or research

Workshop Venue: The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - FIOCRUZ located in Rio,
Brazil is linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Health and responsible for
developing activities in science and technology in health, including
programmes in basic and applied research, teaching, maintains a
reference hospital and ambulatory assistance, strategies formulation in
public health and information dissemination, personnel training,
production of vaccines, drugs, diagnostic kits and reagents, quality
control and development of tec hnologies for health.

Twenty scientists (7 from Latin America, 5 from Africa, 5 from Asia, 3
from non-tropical countries) will be selected, based on the following

1. Ph.D or post-doctoral level trainee/investigator with either:
a. good biochemistry/molecular biology background in tropical diseases
and basic knowledge in (bio) informatics (e.g. use of internet, basic
notions of Unix/Linux), or
b. with good informatics background and basic knowledge in biochemistry/
molecular biology in tropical diseases.

2. Full time availability for the duration of the FOUR-WEEK training

3. Have permanent access at home institution to personal computers and a
teaching facility, e-mail and reliable access to the internet (www), be
actively engaged in biochemistry, molecular biology, computational
biology/bioinformatics or closely related research in tropical diseases.

4. Must be fluent in English

5. Submit the following documents by e-mail ONLY to
class at dbbm.fiocruz.br and identify the country of origin:

a. A biographical sketch including educational training, relevant
research experience, list of publications (relevant to research
experience) in a TDR targeted disease;

b. A letter describing 1) how the information learned in the workshop
will enhance your research projects and training; 2.) how you and your
institution can collaborate in an international network for
bioinformatics in genome analysis and include the range of activities
currently supported at your institution; 3) a statement describing your
relationship with other supported or ongoing research projects that will
be enhanced by your participation in the training course [2 page limit];

c. A recommendation letter from a senior investigator.

d. Complete application form

Applicants will be informed of their acceptance by March 05, 2001 by
>Workshop fee: There is NO registration fee

The UNDP/World Bank/WHO - Special Programme for Research and Training in
Tropical Diseases, TDR is the international training course sponsor.
Support for international facilitators is being provided by other
agencies as cosponsor of the programme.  Local hospitality will be
provided by FIOCRUZ. All selected candidates from endemic regions will
be supported.  A limited number of travel fellowships for candidates
from non-endemic regions will be available.


Applicants are required to send their application, statement, and
recommendation through e-mail to: class at dbbm.fiocruz.br

***Important dates to Remember***

February 15, 2001: Application deadline

March 05, 2001: Acceptance notification

May 21 - June 15, 2001: International Training Course on Bioinformatics
(Computational Biology) Applied to Genomic Studies


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