init_exp binary available

James Bonfield jkb at
Tue Oct 25 04:07:53 EST 1994


Due to an oversight on our own part we did not ship the init_exp binary with
the 1994.2 package distribution. The program replaces expGetSeq and performs a
similar task, except without the automatic quality clipping. It is required
for pregap.

We have now made this available by anonymous ftp. To ftp the program use "ftp" and "cd pub/staden/init_exp/X-binaries" where "X" is
your relevant machine type (alpha, sgi, sun or solaris). You'll find in there
both init_exp and init_exp.gz files; the latter being a GNU zipped version of
the former. Finally type "bin" and "get init_exp" (or "get init_exp.gz" if you
use gzip) to obtain the file.

The source code for this progrm was sent with the distribution. To compile use:

a) Make sure the STADENROOT environment variable is set correctly.

b) Set the MACHINE environment variable to the machine type - one of alpha,
dec, sgi, solaris or sun.

c) cd to $STADENROOT/src

d) Make the io_lib libraries. Type "make io_lib" (or "gmake io_lib" on alpha,
dec or sgi systems).

e) Make the init_exp binaries. Type "make init_exp" (or "gmake init_exp").

f) Copy the newly compiled binary to the bin directory:
cp init_exp/$MACHINE-binaries/init_exp $STADENROOT/bin

If you still have problems please mail us,

James Bonfield (jkb at   Tel: 0223 402266   Fax: 0223 412282
Medical Research Council - Laboratory of Molecular Biology,
Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 2QH, England.

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