Eugene Veklerov veklerov at
Mon Sep 18 18:44:04 EST 1995

I am wondering if anyone knows of a program that can read
an SCF file and convert it back to ABI format.  In other
words, I need a program that is opposite to makeSCF.

If someone has such a program but, for some reason, does not
want to give it to the general public, I would be happy if
the owner just ftp'ed my SCF file, converted it, and ftp'ed
the result back to me.  All I need at this time is convert
a single file.

Thank you,

Eugene Veklerov
Bldg. 46A, Rm. 1123                     Phone:  510-486-7532
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory            Fax:    510-486-5936
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Berkeley, CA 94720

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