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Tue Apr 27 10:22:05 EST 1999

In article <37236B15.D03A1692 at> "Dr. Axel Schwekendiek" <axel at> writes:
>Hi everybody,
>I am a new user of the Staden package. When I start xnip and other
>programs, they dont come up with a tk interface, but with a plain
>graphical interface.

You need to use nip4 instead of xnip, (and gap4 instead of xgap, sip4
instead of xsip).

Gap4 and Sip4 are way better than their 'x' counterparts. Nip4 is much
better in graphical capabilities, but does not yet include all of the
functionality from xnip. My advice is to try nip4 first to see if it
does what you want.

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