gmq guido.marquitan at uni-essen.de
Tue May 9 07:03:39 EST 2000

Here are a few questions from a newby:
I would like to use the staden package to assemble different large
sequence files from the htg-subgroup of genebank. So I split the
sequences, that consist of up to 100 contigs, that do not overlap, into
simple text files. Some of these files seem to be to large for pregap4
and gap4 to handle, so I would like to split them into smaller
overlapping portions with splitseq_da.
Unfortunately, there is no kind of description for this handy script.
How can I use it, and what arguments does it need?
Just in case, that I simply didn't find the right manual page,  please
provide me with a link.
Thanks in advance, Guido Mq


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