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> How can I get Pregap to recognise the individual ESTs inside the cluster
> file that NCBI's UniGene database generates? Sequencher will align them
> all simply by importing the cluster file, but Pregap and Gap only see
> the cluster file as one long sequence rather than picking out the
> individual ESTs. Any help will be welcome.

What format are these cluster files? We don't support any direct
multi-sequence files formats in pregap4 (although we probably ought to) so
regardless of format you'll need to separate them out into multiple files.

There's a fasta2exp program (actually it's an nawk script, so you may need to
edit the first line to change the awk interpreter if it's not in /usr/bin)
that will split the fasta file into multiple experiment files. This doesn't
help matters if you want trace files visible though.

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