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Do you know about the power of arbitrage and how you can use it to generate risk-free profits from betting?

Imagine being able to bet and then to know with a cold, clear certainty that you will win.

No risk. No doubt and no losses.

No anxiety as you wait for a result to come in  -  because you have already locked your profit in, regardless of the outcome.

This is what arbitrage is all about. Making steady risk-free profits.
There is no gambling involved, just disciplined application of simple mathematical methods.

With the proliferation of bookmakers & sportsbooks on the web, it is now very easy
to systematically seek and lock-in arbitrage opportunities in almost every sporting event, every single day.

The first step to learning about this exciting set of methods is to take a look at
It's a great way to create an easy, no-risk second income.

Below is an example of an arbitrage opportunity in sports:

This particular opportunity arose in June;  they actually occur EVERY SINGLE DAY in many different events



RODDICK was priced to win 3/5 by WILLIAM HILL

IVANESIVIC was priced at 5/2 by SURREY SPORTS

OUTLAY £1000
RETURN £1098

If you had decided to spend a total of £1000 on the opportunity, and you wanted to generate the same return
regardless of who actually won, you would have bet £686 on Roddick and £314 on Ivanesivic.

If Roddick had won, the bookmaker would have paid you 3/5 multiplied by £686 plus your original £686 back which equals £1098

If Ivanesivic had won (as he did), you would have received 5/2 multiplied by £314 plus your original £314 back which equals £1098

So for spending £1000, you were guaranteed a payout of £1098, regardless of who won - isn't that AMAZING?

Now, when you do this once or twice a day the risk-free profits  soon add up to a nice second income.

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