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> I guess I have 2 questions then.  
> #1- How can I resolve the 'Error calculating consensus' error?

It's probably the memory allocation. The code ought to automatically work this 
out, but I guess it does not based on your observations.

Try calling "DatabaseInfo $io" before hand, as this sets the various size
variables, or manually "set maxseq 1234567".

> #2- When I select 'reject failures' from the normal shotgun GUI, should
> I expect to have non-aligning reads placed in new contigs.  If not, how
> can I prevent them from being placed in the DB?[Can I hard code 'reject
> failures' someplace?]

This depends on whether you have enter all readings. If you do, then they'll
be put in separate contigs. If not, then they're placed in the failure file of 
filenames. I think it's the -enter_failure options, but the scripting manual
should help (

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