Help needed for Mac OS X Installation

Andreas Gschwendtner a.gschwendtner at
Mon Jun 16 14:22:10 EST 2003

"David F. Spencer" <DSpencer at Dal.CA.NOSPAM> wrote in message news:<DSpencer-00D58F.18123213062003 at News.Dal.CA>...

> I believe that you understand that the Staden for Mac OS X is not a 
> native OS X application, that is, it does not run under Quartz, the 
> graphics/display rendering engine used in OS X. 

I _do_ understand that, that Staden is still an X11 app. I have X11
running on my System and I have some other X11 apps installed via
"fink" -- this is the easiest way for people like me to do this.
Currently I am using Apple's own X11 but I had fink's X11 with
OroborOSX, too.

> (...)
> have my OS X box here at the lab yet but I will check at home and verify 
> what precisely I did to get Staden running. I know it was pretty 
> straightforward, particularly compared with some of the other challenges 
> I'm fighting while porting Solaris or linux apps and libraries to X11 on 
> OS X.

Would be great if someone could give step-by-step instructions how to
set up Staden on OS X -- maybe this could help others, too,  if the
instructions could be included with the Mac OS X download.
The Mac I am using is not my own, it is part of our lab equipment.
many people would get mad at me if I screwed this system up, so that's
why I am a little bit hesitant to just try things out... On the other
hand it would make my life much easier to have Staden running on this

BTW: Would it be difficult to make staden available via fink? Anybody
out there who might want to do this?

Thanks for your help,


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