[Staden] Probs with pregap4

Kelly O'Quin via staden%40net.bio.net (by koquin from umd.edu)
Sun May 6 12:54:53 EST 2007

I'm having the same problem as a few others and I've yet to solve  
it.  Every time I try to enter sequences  trace files or embl files  
from pregap4 to gap4, I get the following error message
- Report from 'Enter assembly (into Gap4)' -
ERR: Failed to change directory to /Users/koquin/Desktop/SequenceTest/ 
ERR: "couldn't change working directory to "/Users/koquin/Desktop/ 
SequenceTest/SeqTest/7May/pregap.assembly": no such file or directory"
ERR: Aborting enter assembly.
Any help would be much appreciated.

University of Maryland
BEES Program, Department of Biology
1204K Biology/Psychology Building
College Park, MD 20742
koquin from umd.edu

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