Irresponsible (?) ricin responses

kkaye at kkaye at
Sat Oct 14 04:50:06 EST 1995

Dear Toxicol. fans - 

	The recent request by 'Scary gary' for information about ricin strikes
me as the kind of adolescent request for information to which toxicologists
need not respond. This chap has placed his request in the context of the
Bulgarian assassination in London some 12 years ago, and if he's that desperate
to fantasise about killing some but can't be troubled to go to his own local
library and look at the Merck index then something is awry somewhere. Besides,
I resent these crackpot posts: as in the case last week of right-wing hate mail
being posted through this newsgroup, I don't see that 'Scary Gary' deserves the
dignity of a response.

Any other views?

Dr. K.J. Kaye

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