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John Budny jabudny at earthlink.net
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GWOLFF at NCTR.FDA.GOV ("George L. Wolff") wrote:
>Similarities of the time course of a disease in humans and in a 
>proposed animal model for determining toxic effects of agents used 
>to prevent/treat the human disease is an excellent criterion for a 
>relevant animal model. The agent may induce toxic effects only at 
>specific timepoints during progression of the disease - these might 
>be missed if an animal model with a time course of the disease which 
>is different than that in the human is used.  
>Do the differences between the time course of M.tuberculosis-induced 
>disease in rhesus and cynomolgus monkeys actually define two 
>DIFFERENT diseases? After all, the "disease" is really the toxic 
>response to M.tuberculosis which appears to be different in the two 
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Good question re "two different diseases".  Perhaps that is actually was 
what was observed - intersting thought.  Also, your concept of "disease" 
from M. tuberculosis and "disease" from a toxicant is an intersting way 
of looking at it.  Are there any comments from others out there?

John A. Budny

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