Sampling water contaminants

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>> While you're at it don't forget to get the basic ancillary data,
>> i.e., suspended solids, DOC, TOC (or POC on the particles).  I
>> just waded through extensive literature on global organochlorine
>> levels, and the majority of investigators have failed to collect
>> or report SS, DOC, POC which severely limits the use of the data for
>> comparative study and extrapolation.

>Very important -- I agree wholeheartedly.. Also, if you're measuring
>trace metals, don't forget to measure hardness if you want to relate
>the concentrations to water-quality criteria

Oh yeah. And don't forget stream flows & upstream drainage areas if 
possible.  I'm struggling with a mess of reports mostly by environmental
chem types who measure things down to pg/L at 3 digit accuracy, but 
haven't included the necessary hydrologic data to determine the
mass flows & unit area loads which are amongst the more important 
derived data for management purposes.  

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