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Since october 15, new WorldWideWeb page for the 7th annual meeting of
SETAC Europe are available on the following address:

The European continent with its high population density and its
high extent of industrialization, urbanization, cultivation and
concomittant traffic densities has suffered from environmental stress
since the middle of the 19th century. In the last two decades of this
century scientific insight and societal concern has led to remediation
programmes and measures to phase out sources of important
environmental pollutants. Several of these measures have resulted in
recent declines in contaminant levels and populations of some, almost
extinct, species have started to recover. 

With the turn of the century soon to come, the question arises whether
we should sit back reassured or worry about hitherto unforeseen
environmental stressors and their potential effects.

The main theme of the 7th Annual Meeting of SETAC-Europe addresses
these very items: what are the prospects for the European Environment
beyond the year 2000? What can we learn from our recent past? Can we
foresee or predict from our current knowledge and available models what
will happen in the future? Is our global climate really changing, do we
know the reasons for that and can we stop it changing? Do we have to
revise our pollutant strategies or emission policies because of the ever
increasing number of chemicals appearing to act as endocrine disruptors?
Are our newly developed instruments and computer programmes able to
tackle the new problems of the coming century? Can we manage our land,
air and water properly despite the existing political frontiers in

The main purpose of this meeting is to disseminate the views of
active in academia, industry, government and non-governmental
organisations on the outlook for tomorrow's European environment. This
will be realized through technical sessions addressing Environmental
Chemistry, Environmental Transport and Fate, Ecotoxicology, Ecological
Risk Assessment, Environmental Policy, and Education in the
Environmental Sciences.

To serve the broader interest of the membership of SETAC, more general
topics within the area of environmental toxicology and chemistry will
also be covered.

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