The P450/bionet.molecules.p450 newsgroup is ready for operation.

Alfred Zimmerlin Alfred.Zimmerlin at FMI.CH
Wed Jan 22 10:04:01 EST 1997

Dear toxicologists,

The P450/bionet.molecules.p450 newsgroup is ready for operation and might be of interest to you!
This news group is to discuss ideas, problems, and recent developments in the study of P450 
and related enzymes, to obtain practical advice, research protocols, strains, unique reagents 
(e.g. proteins, inhibitors, substrates, antibodies, cDNA clones, primers and gene sequences, 
DNA libraries, mutants, etc.). It is also to announce meetings, congresses, new informational 
databases, job offers, funding sources of interest, etc. Last but not least: it should allow the 
development of collaborations between laboratories and, most important, get people to meet 
and share their passion.
Please share your ideas and suggestions as to how this newsgroup
can best suit your needs.
Looking forward to seeing this newsgroup evolve!

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