LETHAL R-134a concentrations from evaporator failure

David Walker mdwalkerga at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 3 20:19:43 EST 1997

ghg at worldserver.com wrote:

>The test was aborted and medical personnel intervened and revived the
>Suppose it wasnt a test in a medical lab, that person would be "dead".

Suppose I am in my car driving down the road and my evap blows it's
guts out. If I am a person with any sense at all, I roll down the
window, and I can guarantee you, I do not pas out. Now, if I am
setting at a red light and the same thing happens, if I sit in the car
long enough to pass out I am 1)very stupid and 2) such a waste of
matter in the universe that my passing will not matter.

>to escape into the passenger compartment.  R-134a is heavier than air, so
>if the air is not "stirred" by a fan, heavier concentrations will be
>found in low spots and lower in high spots.  For these purposes, we will
>assume the air is stirred and the concentration is uniform.
Like I said, a window down at 60 mph will do plenty of "stirring".
Give me a break and go do a radon test on you're home.

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