Toxicology Course Book Quest

Christopher Hatton cd.hatton26 at
Wed Nov 19 05:27:34 EST 1997

David Palet wrote:
> Dear Friends:
> Can anyone recommend a good course book for a general industrial and
> environmental toxicology course at the two year associate degree level.
> The degree program- Environmental Health & Safety Technician
> Certainly, no need to recommend a book at the level of Casarett and
> Doull's- Toxicology.
> Thank you
> D. Palet

Well I wasn't going to recomend Casarett and Doull as that should be in
any decent library for reference purposes.  I did my BSc. in Applied
Biology with a heavy toxicology bias, We used in our 2nd and 3rd year:

"Prinipals of Biochemical Toxicology" by J.A. Timbrell published by
Taylor and Francis (London-UK, and Bristol, PA USA) however this is very
mammalian orientated, he also does an "Introduction to Toxicology".

For more enviromental,  our ecotox lectures were VERY comprehensive and
didn't need extra books.  So can't help you here.   Industrial
Toxicology well we had a handbook from the Health and Saftey Executive
in the UK and was very law based, however over in the USA I'm not sure
who you would goto, maybe EPA.

Maybe not really what your after but Taylor and Francis may be able to




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