Toxicology Course Book Quest

Fisher bchcwu at
Thu Nov 20 21:40:43 EST 1997

I am current teaching tocicolgy at university (biology) level
Theses books are quite good , and touch all aspects of toxicology:

Fundamental Toxicology for Chemists The Royal Society ofChemistry, 1996CRC
Press 1996Raven 1994

Basic Toxicology : Fundamentals, Target, Organs and Risk Assessment
Hemisphere Publication 1996 byLu F C

David Palet wrote:

> Dear Friends:
> Can anyone recommend a good course book for a general industrial and
> environmental toxicology course at the two year associate degree level.
> The degree program- Environmental Health & Safety Technician
> Certainly, no need to recommend a book at the level of Casarett and
> Doull's- Toxicology.
> Thank you
> D. Palet

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