Brass poisoning

tom c. cigolott at
Sun Nov 30 20:18:55 EST 1997

In message <3480C728.692F at> - Dwight Hall <dwihall at>
:>On the newsgroup where I spend my time, there has been considerable
:>debate about whether trumpet and other brass instrument players are at
:>risk from brass poisoning. Some feel it its an allergic/sensitivity
:>reaction to nickel or lead present in trace amounts in brass. Some say
:>it is a danger only from bare brass mouthpieces (they are normally
:>silver plated). Others believe it can come in through the hands from a
:>bare instrument. One major manufacturer now refuses to sell bare brass
:>instruments (almost all are either lacquered brass or silver plated) for
:>fear of a customer getting brass poisoning. Some pro players use
:>unlacquered brass because they believe they get a "brighter" sound. I'd
:>appreciate a reference - on the net if possible, but I can get access to
:>a medical library. E-mail is fine so you don't clog up your newsgroup.
:>Dwight Hall
:>Denver, CO

Must be the lead ?? or is there such athing as brass poisoning? Symptoms ???


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