nicotine info/alt rat poison

Brian Sandle bsandle at
Sat Jan 3 01:09:04 EST 1998

Brian C. Lee (bclee at wrote:
: While nicotine and other assorted poisons could work, I prefer using
: glueboards.  One product is much like a roach motel for mice.  The
: glueboards are a LOT safer to use around kids or pets.  Glueboards that
: are more like planks are available for rats.

How do glue boards work?

For mice I have used a tilting tunnel with trap door then into freezer.

Does the cold produce much suffering?

While in this group I mention my article on - puffer fish.

Changing world conditions may shift toxic creatures so look out for 
unexpected pooisonings.

White Robbit
Dodo Dolphin

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