nicotine info/alt rat poison

Brian Sandle bsandle at
Thu Jan 15 20:47:34 EST 1998

Bill Warner (wawarner at wrote:
: > For mice I have used a tilting tunnel with trap door then into freezer.
: > Does the cold produce much suffering?
: Prolly more than C2O2 or CO2.  We use live traps in the lab and CO2 the
: occasional mouse that escapes.  
: My rodenticide of choice at home is our pack of 5 Norwich Terriers. 
: They run around the barn while we do chores and get 1-2 mice/rats a
: week.  Not very efficient but fun none the less <g>.

Do they play with them the way cats do with mice, giving them a chance to 
adjust to going - adrenalin exhaustion &c?

Sometimes I think much of the punishment of the human death penalty is 
the lack of preparedness - the natural end of life process of reduced 
control could be more researched.

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