toxicology study of heme biosynthesis

rabbits rabbits at
Mon Jan 19 04:21:32 EST 1998

i am an environmental science student and i have conducted a practical
section on studying lead intoxication by measuring the zinc protoporphyrin
and protoporphyrin content in the blood. i have some problems about this

1. i observed no difference between the control sample and lead intoxicated
specimens. what's wrong with my result?

2. how can i differentiate the test subjects suffering from chronic or
acute lead-poisoning from my results?

3.what are the pros and cons of using dried blood over liquid whole blood
for testing?

4. can i perform simultaneous measurement of ZnPP and PP in the same HPLC

i hope someone would help me to solve this problems. are there any
references which would help?

thank you

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