Bob Cyr rcyr at
Sat Jun 6 16:23:22 EST 1998


I have been tested and found to have a high mercury and lead burden in my
body. The test was a 24 hour urine collection after a challenge with an IV
chelating agent. 

Mercury level: 56.7 ug/24 hrs. 
Lead level: 11.7 ug/24 hrs.

Reference range in both cases is 0-4 ug/24 hrs. 

I have been disabled for over 10 years with an array of symptoms and have
undergone a series of over 30 IV chelations which I had hoped would
greatly reduce the heavy metal burden. I don't know the source of the
mercury and lead. Some people have suggested the mercury is the result of
amalgam fillings.  

I would appreciate any information on protocols that could be used to
reduce these toxic metals. 

Thanks in advance,

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