Onions poisonous?

Diana dianavd at eye.usyd.edu.au
Tue Sep 1 21:47:38 EST 1998

William C. Banta wrote:

> Two days ago my mother-in-law's dog, a small spayed female 8-year-old
> beagle stopped eating and got very ill. She took her to the vet, who
> told us the dog was anemic, transfused the dog with blood and ran a
> series of diagnostic tests. I have not seen the test results, and I do
> not know what tests were performed. The dog is still very ill, receiving
> intravenous food. The vet said he contacted a "specialist," who told him
> that the dog was ill from onion poisoning. He said that "any food can be
> poisonous" and that onions are well known to be toxic to humans as well
> as dogs.

There has recently been a lengthy discussion about onion poisoning in dogs
in the Vetmed Email list. It is called Heinz body anemia. Onions contain a
chemical which alters the oxygen carrying capability of blood cells. More
information can be gathered from the Vetmed archives. Diana

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